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There are 14 Competitive Sections and all are keenly contested with a large number of entries.

Brief details are given below - you are also welcome to view the schedules to see the breadth of classes covered (click here opens a new tab or window).

Competitive Sections

The Arts, Crafts & Cookery Marquee is a vibrant community with visitors discussing the merits and demerits of the various exhibits and, of course, making their comments on the judges' remarks!

In recent years, the Arts, Craft & Cookery Section, which was formed in 1934 on the occasion of the Show's 100th anniversary, has had around 1500 items on display, including Cookery, Preserves, Needlework, Handicrafts, Art and Photography and Children's Classes.

Local schools participate in special classes and it is always pleasing to see the efforts which they, and their teachers, put into their entries. Women's Institutes enter combined entries for each Institute and these classes are always hotly contested.

The Cage Bird section is usually well supported with a large number of fine specimens on display.

The classes are staged in part of the Fur & Feather marquee near the main trade stand area.

Classes are broadly divided between Canaries, Budgerigars and Foreign.

Within the canary category there are classes for Norwich, Borders, Glosters, New Colours and British.

The budgerigar classes are many and varied, as are the foreign exhibits.

There are also classes for junior exhibitors and a pet category.

The Cattle Section has been an important part of the Stithians Agricultural Association, since the Show’s inauguration, and we are pleased that the tradition continues today.

The cattle arrive on the show ground before 8 a.m., when they settle down at their allotted places, washed and groomed ready for the show ring.

Judging takes place from 9 a.m. and takes up most of the morning, when the rosettes are awarded. The high point of the day is the judging for the Champion of the show, and this takes place at about 12 noon.

In the afternoon at approximately 3 p.m., the Grand Cattle parade takes place in the main ring with the presentations made in front of the Members' Pavilion which affords a great view. This is a time not to be missed as all the exhibitors with their different breeds, parade around the ring.

There is an opportunity to see the cows being milked, and at Stithians, the Milking Parlour is a long standing tradition, not only as a service for the exhibitors to milk their cows after the judging, but for people to see cows being milked.

Guinea pigs are beautiful, bright, vocal animals and very popular pets. The Cavy Section is open all day, to members of the general public, until 5 p. m. Judging commences at 10 a.m. and is in progress throughout the day.

There are many breeds of Guinea pigs on show from the Self Cavy which is a smooth haired guinea pig and for showing purposed must be one colour. The Non Self varieties may also be smooth haired in various colours, or they can be long haired or have rosettes. Cavies have hair not fur and it can be straight, curly or frizzy.

The Cavy Section Show for 2018 will be the largest Cavy Show in Cornwall for 2018 and is a National Cavy Club 5 STAR Show.  Stithians has been chosen as one of the few venues in the country to host one of their prestigious points shows.

The Guinea Pig Photographic Competition was introduced to the Cavy Section in 2017, and created a lot of interest with nearly a hundred entries.  

The open Dog Show is held under Kennel Club Rules & Regulations.

The Show has been a success through the years attracting judges from the USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Finland, Holland, Ireland and every corner of the UK over the years.

There is an excellent Marquee with the advantage of having the choice of cover for wet and dry weather. It is always a joy to meet exhibitors old and new.

Many exhibitors take advantage of the opportunity to bring their caravans making an occasion of our Show.

Since 2009 the dog agility show has been kindly organised by Carn Brea Agility Club and their members. The show starts around 9 a.m., and will continue without a break all day.

Visitors will be able to spend a while relaxing and watching the boundless enthusiasm of the dogs as they literally bounce around the courses. It is clear that they enjoy taking part just as much as we enjoy watching them.

The agility is a Limited Agility Show held under Kennel Club regulations. The entry is limited to 150 dogs of all shapes and sizes. Handlers and their dogs come from all over the South West to compete and we regularly see competitors from as far afield as Bristol.

You will see Small, Medium and Large dogs running over different heights. There are two different types of class, Agility which contains the large contact equipment (so called because the dog should make contact with the white painted area) and Jumping which excludes the contact equipment.

There are seven grades to progress through in dog agility starting with the less experienced Grade 1 right up to the championship Grade 7. Our show caters for all of these grades.

The Goat Section at Stithians Show has been running for over 40 years, recognised by the British Goat Society since 1969, making it the most southerly recognised show in the UK.

There are classes for Dairy Goats and Pygmy Goats,.

As a recognised BGS Show, a milking trial is held for the Dairy Goats. In simple terms this means all the milking goats entered have to be on the Showground the day before the show, and are milked twice in 24 hours under supervision (morning & evening of show day), weights of milk are officially recorded and samples taken. These are then sent away for analysis (butterfats & proteins), and awards can be given based on the results of the milking trial and the inspection classes on show day.

There are strict rules and regulations to ensure fairness, and the Section’s ability to organise the competition is being studied, as well as the goats by the visiting Judge! Thankfully the Pygmy Goats are a little simpler, just being judged on the day, by their own specialist Judge.

We are proud to host a tremendous Horse Section at Stithians Show, one of the largest in Cornwall.

We will be hosting a range of qualifiers and presenting a wealth of prizes in over 60 classes throughout the day. Over 400 of the finest horses from across the county and beyond are expected to attend the show; from giant heavy horses and traditional native breeds to quality show ponies and impressive working hunters.

The driving classes are always a crowd pleaser with an array of beautiful turnouts that are a sight to behold.

Our action packed main ring will showcase some of the best Cornish showjumpers as they go head to head against the clock for some nail biting jump offs!

The Horse Section is a part of the show you really wouldn’t want to miss!

For the running order for this year  click here

Horticulture is one of the longest established sections of the Show and one of its premier attractions with visitors thronging the marquee throughout the day.

There are more than 250 different classes, ranging from wonderful home and allotment grown vegetables and beautiful flowers to spectacular floral arrangements.

In the vegetable section there are classes for all abilities ranging from experienced growers and exhibitors, through those of intermediate ability, to novice and first time exhibitors.  Sections are open to all comers and are mirrored by sections confined to present and past residents of Stithians Parish.

The flower section has classes for all flowers in season around Show time. The Sweet Pea competition is prestigious, being home to the South West Championship. Set against a black backdrop the sight and smell is really something to behold.

Floral Art classes are extremely popular with both exhibitors and the visiting public. There are classes for large, through standard size, to petite and miniature exhibits. The competition is run in accordance with NAFAS regulations.

The next generation is always encouraged at Stithians, so we are delighted to have classes for children from 3 to 16 years of age, with exhibits such as gardens in seed trays and creatures created from fruit and vegetables.

There are more than 50 wonderful cups and trophies keenly contested, many with a long and fine history, and prize money is also available for first, second, and third in each class.

Exhibitors start benching exhibits from 2pm on the Sunday before Show Day with a staggered finish, until 8.45am on Show Day morning.  The Section aims to complete judging and open the marquee to visitors by 11.15am. The presentation of cups and trophies commences at 5pm in the Horticulture marquee.

The Pigeon section has been part of the Stithians Show since 2002.

It has grown from a small beginning attracting just 150 entries to the present day with an average of 400 pigeons entered. These comprise many different varieties.

Come and visit us and see some of the racing pigeons that have flown over 400 miles from France to their home lofts here in Cornwall or look at the show racers. Many that you will see are champions having won top awards at major shows throughout the UK.

We also have on display a huge selection of Fancy pigeons, Tipplers, West of England Tumblers, Fantails, German Owls, Norwich Croppers and many many more.

There is something to interest everyone. 

In part of the fur and feather section of the Showground is to be found the poultry show. This show always attracts an excellent number of entrants and can get quite noisy!

Most of us only think of chicken as "poultry" but the Show will soon remind the visitor that these classes include waterfowl as well.

In addition to the classes for live birds there are classes for eggs which are always hotly contested. As well as well presented eggs there is a class for decorated eggs.

There are classes for bantams and also a children's pet class.

A rabbit show has been held successfully at Stithians for 20 years.

In our part of the Fur & Feather Marquee we have two 3 star shows, one for adult stock (that is for a fully grown rabbit) and an under five months show for young rabbits.

Juveniles (over 5 and under 16) have an opportunity to exhibit in a “certificate of merit” class as well as in the main show.

We also have a pet section for adults and children to show their rabbits, these do not have to have rings on their legs.

The show is held under British Rabbit Council rules.  We have a B.R.C. advisor in our marquee to advise on all aspects of keeping rabbits whether they are show stock or pets.

The rabbit is the third most popular pet in England.  If you are interested in showing your pet or becoming a “fancier” contact one of our committee members or speak to the advisor.

Stithians Show usually enjoys a very substantial entry and is found near the main entrance adjacent to the Exhibition Ring.

Classes include, Devon & Cornwall Longwools, Suffolk, Charollais, Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset, Texel as well as classes for any other pure British or pure Continental Breeds.

The Parade of Champion Sheep is now held in the Exhibition Ring separately from the Cattle Parade in the main ring.

This Young Farmers Club (YFC) section showcases the many talents of the members aged from 10 to 26 years of age.

There is a YFC cattle section, which from 2002 onwards has operated in conjunction with the cattle section. 

The display section in the YFC marquee encompasses craft, cookery, photography and floral art.  Trophies are awarded to the club winning most points overall and also a cup for the individual with the most points as well as club trophies for members of individual clubs who have won the most points for their club.   

To find out more about Cornwall Federation please click on this link:

Young Farmers is all about working together, making friends, having fun, learning and competitions. And remember you don’t have to be a Farmer to be a Young Farmer!